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My English teacher keeps trying to imprint upon us the importance of a name, and that to take a name away is to make something a little less human, a little less like one of us.

I thought about this as I scrolled past a Hunger  Games edit, and I thought, “Why are they (the districts) numbered?” why were they not named? It says somewhere in the hunger games trilogy that the Capitol people were disconnected, that they didn’t realize the people were people, it was just a game for them. 

  Who would remember each tributes name? Do you think a Capitol girl would go to school, and talk about Thresh, the boy who had died that day? or do you think she would talk about how the boy district 11 died?

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And I wait for my eyesight to fadeSo, So, So It’s so damn slow…


And I wait for my eyesight to fade
So, So, So
It’s so damn slow…